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Attention International Students! This school is Authorized under Federal Law to Enroll Nonimmigrant Alien Students.



Would You Like To Have Your Children Attend A Nationally Recognized Private School That's Affordable And Offers The Freedom For Your Child To Learn And Advance At Their Own Pace With 100% Mastery Of All The Basic Subjects?

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If you know your child would benefit from the Extra Attention along with the freedom to work at their own pace, then the advanced educational curriculum offered by Reid will enrich your child's life immediately.



  • Accredited by the NWAC & AdvanceED Preschool - 12th Grade.  Learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia, don't stand a chance when the ECRI Method is taught to the Child 

  • The Reid School Program Has been Nationally validated by the United States Department Of Education to be significantly Superior to all other programs in the Nation!

  • Reid has set the standards of Excellence for Educational Instructions for more than two decades using eSTREAM, the most valuable Education Formulation in America

  • Reid is a Child Centered School and Proves their Methods of Learning are Superior with each Student Advancing at their Own Pace.  Reid has been said to be the Ivy League School of the West!


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The Reid School has built their academic foundation and reputation with the most talented, skillful, and responsive teaching staff, which are led by one of the most progressive educators in the nation, Dr. Ethna R. Reid.

Reid is the first private school to be totally dedicated to the use of Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) instructional methods. These methods have been validated by a panel of educators at the U.S. Department Of Education as being Significantly Superior to other reading and language arts programs throughout the United States.